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We at GD Goenka International School, Ahmedabad strongly believe in and respect the individuality and multiple intelligence possessed by different children. We believe that every child is special and needs all, that will make him a unique holistic and socially contributing individual. We with the promise to provide best of infrastructural facilities, high-tech labs, well-stocked library, and adequately equipped medical room, vast playgrounds, cafeteria, etc. ensure that this process is augmented and each child is nurtured well.

15 Factors On Every Parent’s Checklist For Choosing A Preschool – GDGIS Ahmedabad

There are about 2000 plus schools in Ahmedabad, And among them more than half which advertise at the top of their voices to be the top International schools in Ahmedabad or the best CBSC Schools in Ahmedabad. And amid this crowd of schools craving for the attention of the parents, how do you Choose the Right School for Your Child? 

Choosing the right school for your child involves considering various factors that directly impact their education and overall development. A step by step solution to this is a key step towards your child’s future. Thus, today we are sharing a detailed aspect to guide parents through this important decision. 

Key Considerations to Choose the Right School for Your Child in Ahmedabad

1. Parents Engagement Programs

Parental involvement plays a crucial role in ensuring a child’s academic achievements. So you need to look for schools that offer opportunities for parents to participate in school activities, attend meetings, volunteer, or join parent-teacher associations (PTAs). Research school websites for information on parent involvement, attend open houses or virtual tours and reach out to admissions offices for details. You can also look for good International Schools in Ahmedabad. When you and the school actively participate in a child’s education, then it’s a win-win for supporting overall academic and personal development.

2. Holistic Child Growth Opportunities

Beyond academics, look for schools that offer a wide range of extracurricular activities like sports, arts, and clubs. These activities help children develop social skills, explore their interests, and build confidence outside of regular classes. So how do you choose the Right school for Your Child? Look for International Schools in Ahmedabad  ; look for schools offering diverse extracurricular activities, sports programs, and arts initiatives. These opportunities foster well-rounded development, enhancing academic performance, social skills, and personal growth beyond the classroom.

3. Cultural Diversity

Schools with students from diverse backgrounds provide opportunities for your child to learn about different cultures, traditions, and perspectives. When you Choose the Right school for Your Child  considering this fact, this exposure fosters empathy, tolerance, and a broader understanding of the world, preparing them for future interactions in a globalised society. So how do you choose the Right school for Your Child that is a Culturally Diverse School? Simply, evaluate the school’s student demographics, participate in cultural events, and engage with the school community to ensure exposure to diverse perspectives, promoting tolerance, empathy, and global understanding crucial for future success in a multicultural society. You can also look for International Schools in Ahmedabad, that usually offer it all. 

4. Hygiene Check 

A clean and hygienic environment is essential for your child’s health and well-being. During school visits, observe the cleanliness of classrooms, bathrooms, and common areas to ensure a safe and germ-free learning environment. So how do you  Choose the Right school for Your Child with great Hygiene? Visit the school campus, inspect cleanliness in classrooms, washrooms, and common areas. A hygienic environment reduces the risk of illnesses and creates a conducive atmosphere for learning and overall well-being.

5. Safe Infrastructure

A safe infrastructure ensures that children are protected from physical harm and feel secure while focusing on their studies.Ensure the school has adequate safety measures in place, such as secure building entrances, monitored playgrounds, and emergency protocols. Review school security measures, check building safety certifications, and inquire about supervision during activities. You can also look for International Schools in Ahmedabad, that usually offer it all. 

6. Ample Play Area

Outdoor play is crucial for children’s physical health and social development.Assess the size and condition of playgrounds and recreational facilities Active play is very essential in fostering physical fitness and social interaction with peers.

7. Creative Learning Style

Creative learning environments stimulate curiosity and imagination, making learning enjoyable and meaningful for students. Schools that encourage creativity through art, group projects, and innovative teaching methods help children develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Observe classroom activities, inquire about project-based learning, and assess opportunities for artistic expression and problem-solving.  

8. Child’s Learning Pace

Every child learns at their own pace. Individualised attention ensures that each child learns effectively and stays motivated, fostering a positive attitude towards learning.  Discuss personalised learning plans with teachers, assess class sizes, and observe how teachers accommodate different learning speeds. Look for schools that offer small class sizes, ensuring that teachers can adapt teaching methods to meet individual learning needs and support each child’s academic progress.

9. Well-Trained and Friendly Teachers

Teachers who are caring and knowledgeable create a positive classroom atmosphere conducive to learning and growth. Experienced and supportive teachers play a crucial role in a child’s educational journey. Meet with teachers or the parents of students who are already studying at a certain school, inquire about their qualifications, teaching strategies, and how they engage with students. You can also look for good International Schools in Ahmedabad. Read Google reviews, and inquire about teacher retention rates also. 

10. Prepare for Transitioning to School

Beginning at a new school can be intimidating for children. Thus, schools with effective transition programs, orientation sessions, and supportive counseling services help new students adjust smoothly to their new environment, ensuring a seamless transition and a positive start to their academic journey. Inquire about orientation programs for new students, meet with school counselors, and seek feedback from current parents.

11. Look for a Trusted Name

A well-regarded school typically demonstrates a commitment to excellence in education and student well-being. Reputation matters. So how do you choose the Right school for Your Child? Research school reputation through online reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations, and performance in academic assessments. A trusted name reflects commitment to educational excellence, student welfare, and community trust, ensuring quality education and positive learning outcomes. 

12. Learning Pedagogy

Understanding how teachers teach is crucial. Different schools have different methods, such as traditional lectures or hands-on activities. It’s essential to Choose the Right school for Your Child where your child’s learning style matches the teaching approach to ensure they grasp concepts effectively and stay engaged in learning. So how do you choose the Right school for Your Child?  Research through school websites, attend orientation sessions, and talk to current parents and teachers to understand how teaching methods align with your child’s learning style, ensuring they receive effective education that suits their needs and abilities.

13. Teacher Enhancement Program

Ongoing training and workshops help teachers stay updated on best practices in education, improve their teaching skills, and incorporate innovative teaching methods that benefit students’ learning experiences. SO before enrolling your child anywhere, enquire about the school’s commitment to professional development during school tours or open houses. Ask about ongoing training workshops, certifications, and feedback mechanisms for teachers.

14. Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities

Beyond academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports teams, music, and drama enhance students’ personal growth, leadership skills, and teamwork abilities. Research through school websites, attend open houses, and request information packets. Look for details on clubs, sports teams, and arts programs offered. Understanding these activities ensures your child has opportunities for well-rounded development beyond academics. This is done via students exploring their interests, developing talents, and building lifelong friendships outside of the classroom.

16. History of Academic Performance

A school with a history of academic excellence and successful student outcomes demonstrates its commitment to providing quality education and preparing students for future academic and career success. So how do you choose the Right school for Your Child? Research school academic records through publicly available information, analyse standardised test scores, and review educational rankings. You can also look for good International Schools in Ahmedabad.

Summing up, we have listed the Best Tips to Choose the Right School for Your Child! This key step aligns with your child’s unique needs, learning style, and overall well-being. By prioritizing these aspects that we have listed, parents can make informed decisions that support their child’s educational journey and lay a strong foundation for their future success. For anything more you can always write to us! 


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